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The network protocol TCP / IP, Other than the encryption function, SSH has one advantage which is still very rarely explored. One of the advantages of SSH is the ability to do Forwarding or the cool term Tunneling. Why Tuning? Yupe, SSH is able to create a "virtual tunnel" to pass data connections to other TCP applications. SSH will encrypt TCP application connections between client and server. The term Port Forwarding is used to indicate that SSH is able to connect and encrypt a TCP connection through the port commonly used by SSH, namely port 22.


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    1188.166.224.247 - 22,80443
    2188.166.225.74 22443
    3139.59.96.168 22443
    4- 22443
    5- 22443
    6- 22443

You have a shell account on a remote computer that allows the SSH tuning function to run. Some institutions provide shell accounts, but do limit (restrictions) on port forwarding. This absolutely must be fulfilled, Make sure you know the destination server that you are going to bypass the firewall or proxy restrictions at your institution. For this case (HTTP connection), we will try to pass data through a proxy server on another network that allows us to bypass the firewall on our network.