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With the proxy server's ability to store request data from client applications, the same request as the previous request will only be taken from the proxy server's store. If an internet user has already opened the same site, it does not need to be linked directly to the source site, but only taken from the proxy server storage. In this way, direct connections on the source server can be reduced. Thus, the use of internet bandwidth for direct connections is reduced.


  • Access for All SSH Server Singapore

  • Singapore SQUID - 1 : 8080,3128
  • Singapore SQUID - 2 : 8080,3128
  • Singapore SQUID - 3 : 8080,3128
  • Singapore SQUID - 4 : 8080,3128
  • Singapore SQUID - 5 : 8080,3128
  • Access for All SSH Server 1 Month

  • US- SQUID : 8080,3128

Acting as a gateway that becomes the boundary between the local network and external networks. The gateway also acts as a point where a number of connections from local users will be connected to it and external network connections are also connected to it. Thus the connection from the local network to the internet will use a connection that is owned by the gateway together (connecion sharing).